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Gabriel Gray ([personal profile] clockwork_gray) wrote2013-03-07 08:31 pm

OOC/RP info

Timelines: Anywhere from season one through end of season four. With money restraints I am keeping him with mostly Gabriel icons but I can play Sylar just as easily. The two possible canon futures (5YG and IABD) are also welcome.

AUs/Crossovers: Willing to work something out. Especialy okay with any Star Trek IX crossovers for PB confusion fun.

Relationships: I personally don't see him as an especially sexual person, at least at the beginning. He has little to no experience, is socially inept and has serious walls built up around himself. But hey if you want to make the effort, you're welcome. It's a lot of work to get him into that place, though.
I am especially okay with fandom favorites such as Mohinder, Peter and Claire.